About Workaddict(s)

The company began in 2016 with a focus of increasing the positive messages in the fitness community. The brand’s focus on Positivity, Encouragement, and Accountability resonates with many and lends itself perfectly to fitness apparel. Through personal experiences it was clear that there were strong cliques at play in the fitness world and we disagree with that approach. Our brand will always support EVERY athlete that desires to Work on their fitness journey! We can ALL achieve our fitness goals and celebrate together.

Workaddict(s) Apparel operates a Fitness Support Community called #workaddict(s), which has a focus of encouraging and enabling individuals at various points of the fitness spectrum to achieve their goals. The goal is to assist everyone in obtaining success through a four-step process listed below.

  1. Set the Goal
  2. Crush the Goal
  3. Celebrate
  4. Repeat with New Goal

We are a community comprised of numerous disciplines: runners, bikers (road & mountain), triathletes, martial artist, etc. If you Do Work and either enjoy this active lifestyle or you are looking to get started… this is the place for you!

#workaddict(s) Spotlight

We periodically highlight the journey of a different #workaddict(s) member to share our various stories of how we came to embrace these active lifestyles.

Do Work

We also believe in continuing to strengthen the workaddict(s) community through team tees, tanks, and other apparel available here at workaddicts.net