Laura Snyder (Orlando, FL)

Hey! A few years ago, I joined a group of people for a run. I was so completely intimidated because I was not a runner. The people in the run group were so welcoming, inviting, and made sure I was never alone during my run. The #workaddict(s) are such an amazing and supportive group of people!! I’m so grateful for and proud to be part of this community! #dowork

Cherrelle Rogers (Des Moines, IA)

Ok…a little bit about myself… Cherrelle, originally from Kansas. Dental hygienist. Some things I enjoy-watching movies, eating meals my husband cooks, trying new fitness things, travelling, OUTREACH, laughing! Started running/delving into the fitness world in 2014. What I like about WA… I like that it’s not exclusive, it’s inclusive. Everyone, no matter where they are or what they enjoy in the fitness aspect of life, is welcome. You get kudos no matter what. I’m all about having a great support system. I feel like it keeps you not only accountable, but makes you feel like you’re apart of a team. As cliche as it sounds, team work does make things work!

Ben Wachter (Bumpass, VA)

I am the host of Run Bigfoot Run on Twitter and IGTV and when not running you can usually find me fly fishing or playing Magic. If you meet me in the wild, let’s go for a trail run and eat some cookie dough ice cream afterward.

Ben Hall (Blountstown, FL)

I love the workaddict(s) and everything they stand for! Encouraging each and every runner, no matter the pace! Getting out there, getting to the start line and getting to the finish line and having fun in between! That’s what workaddict(s) is all about and I’m all in for that!

Marquita Green (Jacksonville, FL)

Purpose Over Pleasure! That’s me. I run and keep an active lifestyle because there is so much purpose on the inside of me. I push through pain and fear and doubt and challenge myself to go farther and faster because of my purpose. To stay mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically fit are my goals. To help others to do the same is my purpose.

Tom Acton (Des Moines, IA)

I’m a people pleaser with a little bit of a hard side, when it come to encouragement. I can be a little brash and yes my wife just confirmed that for me when asking her if that was the proper use of that word

I really officially started running in 2016. It’s a great stress relief for the Dailey grind and Ive met some great people along the way. My main passion is music and my family. Sorta hard to say what come first. “Joking” of course it’s music

I try to be a positive and I’m always trying to make someone laugh, turning a joke out of anything. I can have the best sense of humor and the worst at the same time. That never stops me from trying though. My goal for running is to always improve and I’m always chasing the next PR. No matter what the time is, it’s meant to be broken!